Fun, Freedom, Power, Love and Belonging

At Wright Elementary, we believe in being our best academically and in our interactions with each other. We believe that everyone has the right to learn and to do so requires a strong and supportive school community. Our school community at Wright is about kindness, teamwork, creativity and fun. We try our best everyday to have integrity and perseverance. We are all leaders!

Staff and students at Wright Elementary have been working to understand our needs, behaviors, and how to fix our mistakes using the Restitution Model. We believe everyone makes mistakes, and we are the kind of people that want to fix them.

Restitution is a model for classroom management developed by Diane Gossen based on Dr. William Glasser’s concepts of Control Theory and Quality School. The goal of Restitution is self-discipline. The Restitution Model is about helping students become better people. It is about helping a child become the person he/she wants to be and knowing how to fix mistakes.

Restitution focuses on  four needs that everyone has: Fun, Freedom, Power, Love and Belonging. We work to meet our needs in an up and positive way. For more information about Restitution in the classroom, reach out to your child’s teacher.


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