Mission and Beliefs

The Wright Elementary Community will enrich and empower all students to be well-rounded citizens through authentic, arts-integrated experiences. 


Teaching and Learning at Wright Elementary

Our nontraditional approach is an engaging, hands-on and minds-on experience that promotes lifelong learning.

We have high expectations of student learning through the Artful Learning Model of experience, inquiry, creation, and reflection.  Teachers and students collaborate productively in all curriculum areas to create core-driven, conceptual connections.  Students demonstrate their learning through writing, dramatic presentations, or physical creations.


Culture at Wright Elementary

Our Wright culture is welcoming, supportive, respectful and caring.  We provide fun, engaging, interactive experiences that foster creativity. Our teachers strive to provide a cohesive environment that empowers students and each other through positive collaboration.


The Wright Family

The Wright family works together to help all of our students reach their greatest potential.  We are an inviting, caring and supportive community that includes our students’ families, the Wright school staff, and organizations and individuals in the city of Des Moines.  Open communication with families and connections with the community through The Art Center, The Civic Center and various visiting artists are vital as we work toward high levels of student success.