Artful Learning

Wright Elementary School commits to the artistic process, creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking as the model for learning across discipline while inspiring our diverse community with a passion for curiosity.

What do we really want our kids to learn at school?  Reading?  Math?  Science?  Yes, of course, but more important is to teach our kids to be critical thinkers and problem solvers.  At Wright Elementary School, we value inquiry, creativity, and the 21st century skills of communication and collaboration.  To meet these goals we are delivering academics through a unique framework called Artful Learning.  As one of two Artful Learning schools in Des Moines Public Schools, Wright is redesigning the school program by integrating the arts and the artistic process into the daily classroom experience.  This unique methodology employs an interdisciplinary approach that is anchored by a central Concept while posing a Significant Question that allow educators to teach a broad spectrum of rigorous academic content.  Studying through the arts generates deeper comprehension for students and high levels of student engagement.

The success of this program will hinge on the development of artist partnerships to support students in their original creations.  Working with the teachers and offering master classes for students to perfect their artistic skills will be a crucial role that artist will play in the model of implementation.  Music, dance, metal, watercolor, clay, etc. are all mediums that can be used to reflect student learning and expand their artistic repertoire.  Developing these partnerships within our community will help us sustain a program designed to develop students into creative, innovative, solution-driven individuals that we need for the future success of our economy.